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Editorial Expertise

The writing resources at Therapeutic Window LLC are contained in-house to maintain the high quality for which we are recognized. Whether the needs are regulatory (FDA position papers), involve the timely publication of scientific data (clinical study reports, primary and secondary publications, review articles, abstracts, and posters), support educational or marketing activities (including content development for exhibition booths and live activities, as well as the development of enduring materials such as monographs, journal supplements, or scientific resource compendia), or employ new media (audio- or videotape, Inter- and Intranet materials, computer-assisted learning, or electronic database), the Editorial Services group always brings experience, creativity, and scientific integrity to the assignment.

Medical Insight

Our Medical Directors provide guidance on the interpretation of technical data in concert with clinical or professional and marketing needs. They take an active role in both new business development (identifying unmet opportunities on behalf of clients) and existing business (developing scientific programs and content, in collaboration with faculty or thought-leaders, for a variety of educational programs and editorial projects, and managing faculty for live programs). They also assess educational needs and opportunities, working with faculty to develop appropriate program content, and rigorously review all educational program materials. Their breadth and depth of knowledge are evident as they work with clients, thought-leaders, and in-house staff to produce quality programs and publications designed to impact the market.